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Body & Face sculpting machine

Body & Face sculpting machine

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Introducing the Ultrasonic Facial & Body Beautifying Massager, the ultimate solution for all your skin and body concerns. This versatile and effective device offers multiple functions, including ultrasonic, far infrared, and microcurrent technologies, to help you achieve the perfect skin and body. Whether you're looking to reduce wrinkles, enhance skin texture, or tone your body, this beauty massager has got you covered.

The far infrared technology uses carbon fiber bundle surrounding the probe to generate far infrared rays with a wavelength ranging from 8-12μm. This penetrates deep into the skin, activating cells, and accelerating metabolism. This results in a more energized and revitalized complexion.

The ultrasonic technology has three main functions. Firstly, it provides a precise massage function to the cells, changing their capacity and movement. Secondly, it stimulates and adjusts the cytomembrane, increasing the permeability of the epidermis. Its thermal, physical, and chemical effects can raise the temperature in deep skin by 0.5-1°C, promoting skin absorption of essences, accelerating metabolism, and reinforcing the regenerative course of tissue. Finally, the ultrasonic technology can decompose waste surrounding fat, consume energy, repair lymph, and capillary vessels with weight losing and figure sculpting functions.

The microcurrent massage stimulates the muscles with passive movement under current. This movement consumes the fat, sugar, and carbohydrate of the surrounding tissue. The muscle consumes 60-70 joules of energy per second under normal movement, but under high-frequency movement, the muscle can consume 3000-4000 joules of energy per second. This results in a more toned and tightened appearance.

The device also provides quick and effective relief from chronic back pains and other body aches. With the ability to regulate internal secretion and accelerate the consumption of fat, this beauty massager can help you achieve your body slimming goals.

The Ultrasonic Facial & Body Beautifying Massager comes in a mini and stylish design, making it convenient to carry and easy to use. Whether you're in the comfort of your home or on the go, this device is perfect for both facial and body use. Get ready to reveal a brighter, smoother, and more youthful appearance with the Ultrasonic Facial & Body Beautifying Massager.

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